Recent Work

“Lennox is a magical mixture of sea, sand and sunshine – often overlaid by a blanket of soft salt spray.  These abstracts are my musings on the patterns found on the beach, the trees, the seaweed, foam on the beach and mysterious patterns in the sand. “

Landlines-  Kay Knights 2019

The colours of land and sea along the coastline and the lines that imprint our life's journey across land and sea. Fragile and ethereal yet with each one we leave our mark, our fingerprint on life. 


Oil on Canvas 110cm w x 100cm h

Whale Song -  Kay Knights 2018

Night falls  and in the peaceful ocean the whale song drifts through the depths in a timeless symphony heard only by these wonderful creatures - above in the dulling sky stars fall  as moths the colour of moonlight fly off to a distant shore.


Oil on Canvas 60cm w x 40cm h

Recent Work

Evening Beach Walk -  Kay Knights 2016

The colours of the sea as evening falls and the last rays of sun catch the water; the tumbling colours as the waves wash in; stars appearing as you look up - so close they seem to fall to earth tumbling back to the shore as the last flock of birds fly south.

For Sale $700

Oil on Canvas 90cm w x 70cm h

Beach Walk - Kay Knights 2016

The beautiful blues and ochres of the shoreline trees on the side and boulders in the sea alongside the patterns drawn from below the sand by tiny sea creatures.

For Sale $395

Oil on Canvas 60cm w x 50 cm h

Lake Walk - Kay Knights 2016

The greens and ochres along Lake Ainsworth where the water meets the sky with lazy wind cooling the cola lake.

For sale $250

Acrylic on canvas board - framed under glass


Morning Beach Walk -  Kay Knights 2016

Crisp blues and turquoise as the sun breaks through early morning sea mist - like the beginning of time - nature bestowing its timeless blessing on us.

For Sale $395

Oil on Canvas

Night Watch - Kay Knights 2016

A sliver of moon hangs low over a beach turned dark while the sky catches blues and violets of the night - stars appear like salt crystals in the sky reflecting tiny stars in the sea.


Oil on Canvas


Flight Lines - Kay Knights 2016

These beaches are home to so many birds, as I walk odd feathers drift gently along the sand, fallen from a stretched wing and now a token of their swoop and dip over waves.  These memories of birds from today and eons ago flutter gently through me.


Oil on Canvas Board framed under glass

Shorelines - Kay Knights 2016

The tumbling blues as you swim through the clear salty water, rolling with bubbles through the surf. Watching the tiny crabs create their artwork on the sand one tiny ball at a time and little crustaceans draw patterns under the sand.

For Sale $295 

Oil on Canvas Board - framed under glass

Tideline - Kay Knights 2016

The sea slides in creeping new tides creating frayed edges on the sand – new shapes every minute, every day – but as old as our earth

For sale $115

Acrylic on canvas board - framed under glass 26cmw x 20cm h

Little Things - Kay Knights 2016

Bubbles and foam that lie iridescent for a few seconds on the edge of the water while     tiny creatures busily tunnel below the sand creating their complex patterns as they travel.

For sale $115

Acrylic on canvas board - framed under glass 26cm w x 20cm h

Fallen- Kay Knights 2016

One lone feather drifts on the edge of a wave – coming or going – either way it has fallen from a wing in flight across our shores.

For sale $115

Acrylic on canvas board - framed under glass 26cm w x 20cm h