Born in England, Kay grew up in South Africa before travelling extensively and ending up in Australia. Her artworks are influenced by the things she has experienced and loved in Africa and in her new home on the North Coast of Australia. 

She creates works in oil paint, acrylic, wire, clay, wood, paper mache, material, prints and more. Her work is represented in collections in England, South Africa and the USA as well as Australia.

Kay Knights is currently exhibiting a bold new series of artworks that share her daily experience of living on the coast at Lennox Head.  The Lennox dog beach, a place of delight for both dogs and their humans, is the inspiration for Knights’ colourful oil paintings that capture the joy and energy of dogs at play. Knights depicts the dog’s vitality, enthusiasm and chaotic play with colours and shapes fashioned by sea and sky. She chose to paint this series from a slightly abstract, flattened perspective using a limited palette to capture the simple joy of the moment. 

Alongside her dog works are a series of abstracts. The colours are captivating reflected off the sky in the wet sand - shapes and hues fashioned by sea and sky. This series encapsulates the simple essence of the area and the joy experienced there.